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May 2014

image of The King - 2014 'A Warning To All Kings' (short film)


My final animated short film 'A Warning To All Kings' is now finished... See the blogpost...


June 2013

David Quin's 2013 animated short film 'Furniture, Murder and Love' was screened at The Galway Film Fleadh, Indie Cork Film Festival, Liverpool Irish Film Festival and the 2013 Corona Cork Film Festival. God help us all!


image from Furniture - Murder and Love 2013

May 2011 - New 'cutbacks' short films

Two new short films are nearing completion and the first rough cuts have already been sent out to film festivals. Fingers crossed.

'leitronium' features Nobel Prizewinning poet Mister Seamus Heaney as a detective investigating mysterious goings-on in County Leitrim.

The second film features the crew from 'rinkydink', in an updated retelling of the classic Irish 'salmon of knowledge' story. Mister Stoat stars as Fionn Mac Cumhaill and Dr. Dink plays Finn Aengus, the magical druid. Missus Snail also makes a cameo appearance...

rinkydink and the salmon of knowledge'

rinky dink and the salmon of knowledge'

April 2011 - A 'cutbacks' feature?

A feature-length project, based on the 'cutbacks' characters and using much of the current 'cutbacks' production pipeline is already being prepared. Work on the feature script will begin in earnest over the next few weeks. We intend to upload some sequences from the feature to the internet as they're produced, to solicit feedback, comment and reaction as part of the development process. Hopefully, bodies like The Irish Film Board will come onboard to assist the feature project.

Rinkydink - April 2010

Rinkydink is an internet series of 3-minute programmes, featuring a hedgehog, a stoat, a snail and other characters in a beautiful garden. Despite appearances, the series is aimed at adults, not children. Test episodes of the series have been screening on the internet since April.

Three Rinkydink characters

Mr. Stoat, Mr. Hedgehog and Missus Snail in Rinkydink - April 2010


T'Was a Terrible Hard Work

'Twas a Terrible Hard Work' is a 5 minute stopmotion animation, telling the stories of five coal miners from the Slieveardagh coalfield in Co. Tipperary, Ireland. The film was produced in 2009 and featured the voices of Tony Ivors, Nicholas Morrissey, Sean Lyons, Joe Mc Enery and Michael Heaphey.

miners drilling with a jigger

Miners drilling with a 'jigger'

'Twas a Terrible Hard Work' has been shown in numerous festivals around the world and won Best Animation at the 2010 Fastnet Short Film Festival.

'Twas a Terrible Hard Work' emerged from artist Katy Goodhue's 2008 Schools Project 'Mines of Information'. School children from Ballingarry Parish in Co. Tipperary were asked to interview their parents, granparents, aunts and uncles about life and work in the past. Some of the interviews told of work in the Slieveardagh coalmines, Lickfinn, Spa and Gorteen. David Quin took five of the miners' interviews and edited them to become 'Twas a Terrible Hard Work''s 5 minute script.

'Twas a Terrible Hard Work' was produced by Steve Woods (Cel'Division) and received Frameworks funding from The Arts Council, The Irish Film Board and RTE in 2008. Stopmotion sets and characters were constructed over three months to Christmas 2008, when animation commenced. The film was produced in HD and was filmed using a Sony EX1.

miners walking along a 'road' underground

Miners walk along a 'road' underground


'Twas a Terrible Hard Work' Credits:

voice:Tony Ivors, Nicholas Morrissey, Sean Lyons, Joe Mc Enery and Michael Heaphey

end title backgrounds: Svetlana Sobcenko

sound final mix: Dean Jones, Number 4

grading: Shane Woods, Brown Bag Films

models and animation: David Quin

Producer: Steve Woods, Cel'Divison

Director: David Quin

'Twas a Terrible Hard Work received Frameworks funding from The Arts Council, The Irish Film Board and RTE


'Twas a Terrible Hard Work' Festival Screenings

2010 Fastnet Short Film Festival (Best Animation Award)

2010 Nenagh Film Week

2010 Le Mine en Oeuvre - l'Hybride, Lille, France

2010 Flatpack Film Festival (Birmingham UK)

2009 Anima Festival (Belgium)

2009 Espinho Festival (Portugal)

2009 Corona Cork Film Festival

2009 Galway Film Fleadh

A 'tub' full of 'muck'

A 'tub' full of 'muck'



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